Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, our office has instituted several important changes.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, our office has instituted several important changes.

For the safety of our patients and our staff, we will be limiting physical contact and supporting decreased travel.

It is still our goal to continue to support and care for our patients, including those with asthma, immunodeficiency and allergies, throughout the COVID pandemic.

We deeply value our role as your healthcare provider. Thank you for understanding and for working with us as we implement these changes.



  • All follow up and new patient visits will occur as “telemedicine” visits.
  • We will postpone any routine procedures, such as skin testing, until after this crisis.


BIOLOGIC MEDICATIONS (Xolair, Nucala, Fasenra, Dupixent):

  • We plan to continue to administer biologic medications without interruption.
  • We ask that you please call in advance of coming to verify availability of staff.



Coronavirus continues to impact our state and local region, affecting how we deliver care. We continue to strive to best serve our patients while following state and local guidelines. Below is our current allergy shot policy, which is subject to change. Please feel free to call with questions. Thank you for your understanding during this unprecedented time.


Patients at maintenance:

  • For patients on maintenance we continue to suggest extending shots to every 4 weeks to minimize trips to and from the clinic.
  • If you find your symptoms worsen with extending that interval, then you may come more frequently, up to every 2 weeks on an as-needed basis.  


Patients building up:

  • We ask that patients building up limit visits to approximately every 12-14 days to minimize travel. 
  • Your dose will be increased provided no more than 14 days have passed between injections.  
  • Patients building up also have the option of extending the time between shots as much as 28 days to further minimize travel, in which case your dose will be held at the previous dose If more than 28-days have passed, your dose will be decreased for safety.


Shot days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 


If you are receiving your allergy shot at an outside clinic, then please consult with the clinic administering your shot for their specific policy.

The following safety measures will be in effect for allergy shots:

  • Please do not come for an allergy shot if you have symptoms potentially compatible with COVID (fever, cough, aches, cold symptoms)
  • Please do not come for an allergy shot if you have had recent direct exposure to known COVID patients
  • The number of people in the shot waiting room will be limited to 10 to minimize potential transfer. Therefore, you may be asked to wait for your shot until the waiting room has cleared if it is already full.
  • Please do not bring anyone with you to your allergy shot.
  • Please stay 6 feet away from other patients.
  • We will be administering allergy shots through the shot window, as opposed to physically entering the office.



If you are an established patient, then please just call as you typically would (970-241-0170). In most cases, we will be able to get you in for a telemedicine visit soon. If you are not an established patient, then please call your primary care provider.


Please call with questions, or if you have ideas of how we can better serve you during this challenging time.


We will keep our policy updated on our website: https://www.allergywesterncolorado.com/blog/covid-policies


We wish you and your loved ones the best as we all get through this challenging time together. Please do not hesitate to reach out if there is something our clinic can do to help keep you healthy during this time. 



COVID Allergy Policy